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Miranda Kerr's biggest regret

Miranda Kerr's biggest regret

Miranda Kerr regrets not enjoying the moment when she first moved to New York to model.

The Australian beauty is one of fashion’s most famous names, but at the start of her career she was a struggling wannabe finding it hard to land jobs. Letting the stress of it get her down is something Miranda now regrets.

“Other than getting a perm as a teenager, it’s when I first moved to New York to model,” she told Britain’s Grazia magazine of her biggest regret. “I was very young, my family were thousands of miles away and NYC is an expensive place to live, so I found myself worrying a lot rather than thinking, ‘This is amazing, I’m following my dream!’”

Those days are long gone though, and Miranda has worked with everyone from Victoria’s Secret to Viktor and Rolf. She became even more of an A-list name when she married Orlando Bloom in 2010, though the union ended in 2013. The split led to plenty of column inches, and 32-year-old Miranda wishes she could erase all the fake stories written about her.

“Just the things that are idle gossip and untrue. Otherwise I’m cool with it all,” she shrugged when asked what she’d like to delete from her past.

She also dispelled the biggest misconception people have about her.

“That I look like I do in the magazine or on the red carpet all the time. When I’m not working I wear very little or no make-up, I let my hair dry naturally and I’m generally in gym clothes,” she smiled.

Miranda is the proud mother of five-year-old Flynn, with ex-Orlando, and admits it’s her son she misses the most when away working.

“But we Skype and FaceTime so I get to say hello in the mornings when he wakes and wish him good night in the evenings,” she added.

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