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Miranda Kerr pines for her native Australia while in America

Miranda Kerr pines for her native Australia while in America

Miranda Kerr misses the beaches and fresh air of her native Australia.

The supermodel relocated to Los Angeles after she hit the big time, but she still pines for life Down Under - especially the Aussie outlook on beauty and skincare.

"I definitely miss the beaches and the fresh air," she told "Australians really like that clean, healthy, fresh skin, and slightly underdone tousled hair. (We) embrace natural beauty. And I feel like that's reflective of the active lifestyle and being (outdoors)."

Miranda embraces natural products when it comes to her own beauty regime, as well as with her skincare line, Kora Organics. And she always makes her own health and wellbeing a priority.

"Why wouldn't you fill your body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best so that you can feel your best? Why wouldn't you take time to meditate and put on aromatherapy oil if that would support you? Why wouldn't you use products that can detoxify and balance your skin?" she said.

Talking the fashion glossy through the beauty rules she's learned from her home country, the 34-year-old reveals she always travels with a face oil, and that face mists are an essential part of Australian girls' beauty regimes. She also shared the best way to beat jet lag is to take your shoes off and let your feet touch grass when you've landed in your destination.

As for healthy eating, the Wonderbra model says eating organic is not a food fad for Australians.

"Growing your own vegetable patch is quite common and that's where I learned about the importance of organics and eating well from a very young age," she explained. "We grew up that way."

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