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Miranda Kerr: Mix metals

Miranda Kerr: Mix metals

Miranda Kerr loves layering jewellery.

The stunning model has been the face of Swarovski since 2013 and has now turned her hand to designing by creating a selection of pieces for the brand.

Now she's revealed how she likes to accessorise, recommending wearing several items at the same time.

"I like mixing metals and I love layering some pieces. A fun thing that I’ve learned and that people have been doing is joining a few of them together. So you could have a long necklace with all the different ones around: the evil eye, the heart, the star," she listed to

Miranda, 32, has created dainty pieces for the line, focusing on small pendants and thin chains. When it comes to mixing up the colours, she has no rules.

“I don’t think so. My grandmother told my mother that [mixing metals] was good luck. All her wedding rings and jewellery were all mixed metals and so, that’s something that was in my subconscious, I guess, because I do it all the time," she smiled.

Miranda used to model for Victoria's Secret but put down her Angel wings for the last time in 2013. So how did she get into designing jewellery?

“We were actually in Australia doing a press conference and there was this discussion that came up and they said, ‘Do you have anyone that’s Australian that’s working with you?’ and they said ‘No’ and I was like ‘Well I’d love to work with you’. I jumped at the opportunity when they were really receptive to it. I created mood boards and I was very detailed. We had a lot of meetings one-on-one, looking at details and chains. I wanted it to be very fine, delicate, and I wanted it to be meaningful," she recalled.

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