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Miranda Kerr: Health above taste

Miranda Kerr: Health above taste

Miranda Kerr is happy to eat things that "taste bad" as long as they're healthy.

The Australian model not only looks fabulous but has a healthy eating regime to back this up. This means she chooses ingredients which will keep her body in good form, despite not being the most delicious options.

"I'm pretty good with eating things that taste bad if I know they're good for me! I've also started drinking ginseng tea. I was given this Korean ginseng tea and I put that in a thermos and take it to work," she smiled to "I also drink dandelion tea with goat's milk and maple syrup sugar, which is better for you than regular sugar. I cook with maple sugar. Apparently it's not good for you to heat honey so I have maple sugar instead."

Despite living in health-conscious Los Angeles, Miranda insists it's not just the city's influence, as she's always been wary of her wellbeing and diet. So much so that she's a certified life coach and uses her knowledge to benefit both herself and her son Flynn.

With such a busy schedule, working for the likes of Bonds and posing for various fashion publications, Miranda likes to unwind after a long day.

"I've recently been putting on this sleep app called Sleep Cycle. I put it on and play ocean waves, underneath the ocean waves is a silent prayer. These prayers are said at the same time that the waves are playing. I just downloaded it," she smiled.

It helps her sleep and she often plays it on the sound system throughout her house so Flynn can listen to it too. She feels able to "disconnect" while tuning in and hopes to get a good eight hours shut eye each night.

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