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Mila Kunis doesn't like to wear make-up

Mila Kunis doesn't like to wear make-up

Mila Kunis doesn't like to wear a lot of make-up.

The 32-year-old actress has admitted she doesn't smother her face with cosmetic products, and doesn't wash her hair "every day" because she is "not that person" who spends a long time on her beauty routine, although she "commends" women who take the time to perfect their aesthetic.

Speaking about her make-up preference to Glamour magazine, which sees her go make-up free for the issue's front cover, the 'That '70s Show' star said: "I don't wear make-up. I don't wash my hair every day. It's not something that I associate with myself. "I commend women who wake up 30, 40 minutes early to put on eyeliner. I think it's beautiful. I'm just not that person. So to go to a shoot and have my make-up artist put on face cream and send me off to do a photo, I was like, 'Well,this makes life easy.' And you're still protected. Nobody's there to make you look bad.

"It's not like I'm being scrutinized and made to walk down the street naked while s**t's being thrown at me!"

However, the mother of one - who has 21-month-old daughter Wyatt with her husband Ashton Kutcher - has revealed she "hates" having her body manipulated in photographs, which make her look like a different "version" of herself.

The brunette beauty explained: "I hate it. There was a company that I did a photo shoot for once that manipulated the photo so much, I was like, "That's not even me.' Like, what's the point? You wanted my name, and then you wanted the version of me that I'm not. I absolutely hate it.

"Now, do I sometimes want them to depuff my eyes? Help me out with a little bit of lighting. But do I want them to stretch my legs, thin out my waist, curve my hips, elongate my neck, blah, blah, blah? No."