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Michelle Phan had the 'knowledge' to be a beauty vlogger

Michelle Phan had the 'knowledge' to be a beauty vlogger

Michelle Phan had "this knowledge" to become a make-up vlogger.

The 29-year-old entrepreneur - who boasts over eight million subscribers to her YouTube channel - has revealed the inspiration behind her popular channel, which sees her give beauty tutorials to her subscribers, was her desire to "help" her peers and educate them about cosmetic products and various ways to use them.

Speaking in the August issue of FASHION Magazine about being a mentor, the brunette beauty said: "I have this knowledge that I should be sharing with peers to help them. I want to create an ecosystem that thrives on positivity, not competition. I tell a lot of my peers, 'Don't look at each other as rivals; this isn't a competition.'"

And the author of 'Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success -- Online and Off' has admitted the most popular source for one to seek make-up advice is via social media.

Speaking about where she finds her beauty tips, she explained: "A study was done last year that showed that millennials get their beauty product recommendations from YouTubers and Instagrammers."

Michelle - who created her own blog in 2005, which led to her launching her YouTube channel two years later - has revealed her career saw her earn money from making free content.

Speaking about her success, she said: ""I was making 10 cents a day with those videos in those days, making content for free and paying for everything out of pocket."

Meanwhile, Michelle intends to expand her website to include a musical platform.

She said: "I'm launching a platform that has music made for creators by other creators."