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Michelle Keegan wants to design more knitwear for Lipsy London

Michelle Keegan wants to design more knitwear for Lipsy London

Michelle Keegan would have "preferred" to include more knitwear in her Autumn/Winter 2016 range for Lipsy London.

The 29-year-old actress, who joined forces with the fashion house in 2014 and has unveiled her latest collection for the brand, has admitted there is nothing she would change about the range, although she wanted to have "a few more knits" in the latest range because she "loves" the winter wardrobe staple.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, the brunette beauty said: "Not really. I would have preferred a few more knits, because I love my jumpers, and I know they're the key [pieces] that we normally sell. But, because it's Christmas time people are more looking for going out outfits, because people are going out that time of year, so we have gone for more party-wear than outerwear.

"I'm really happy with all of it, and I think it will do really well."

However, the 'Our Girl' star has revealed she enjoyed designing the glamorous Autumn/Winter showstoppers because she prefers dressing for the colder months and the various layers women can wear.

She explained: "Probably Winter, because I love layers. I think with winter you can go quite plain because you can layer it up; you can wear a shirt and then a really nice wrap fur coat. Whereas with Spring you normally just wear a shirt so you have to go all out with the shirt or something."

The Manchester-born star has also revealed "a lot" of her inspiration stemmed from royal colours, as well as what is in trend now, including lace and high neck garments.

She said: "A lot of the inspiration is to do with lace, high neck, which has always been big for quite a lot of seasons now, a lot of the chokers, a lot of detail, and we've got a pop of the forest green, which obviously it's Christmas."