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Michelle Keegan receives 'selfies' from husband Mark Wright posing next to her Lipsy campaigns

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Michelle Keegan receives 'selfies' from husband Mark Wright posing next to her Lipsy campaigns

Michelle Keegan receives "selfies" from her husband Mark Wright standing next to her in the Lipsy London campaigns.

The 29-year-old actress - who tied the knot with the former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star in 2015 - has admitted her spouse is "really supportive" of her and will show his support by sending pictures of himself alongside images of Michelle's latest fashion adverts, which are emblazoned on "big posters" to her.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, the brunette beauty said: "He [Mark] always looks at the pictures and he gives his opinion. He were on the underground and there's a big poster of me, and I didn't know that by the way, and Mark sent a picture saying: 'Oh my god, everywhere I look you're there.' He's at the window and took a selfie, and I'm through the window in the picture. He's really supportive like that."

And the 'Our Girl' star - who played the role of Georgie Lane in the BBC One series - has admitted her partner is "really good" at giving her fashion advice.

She explained: "He's really good at things like designing. He gives really good advice, he'll look at my outfit and go 'Try them with those shoes', and to be fair, I hate to say it, but it actually works. He's actually got a really good eye for things like that."

However, Mark isn't the only family member to advise Michelle on fashion, as her mother Jacqueline as pitched the idea of launching a plus-size capsule for the fashion house.

She said: "My mum always says I should be doing plus sizes for all the plus-sized models out there. It's quite a good idea, because my mum is a plus size and she always loves the Lipsy clothes, and she's always like 'Will that fit me? You should do that Michelle, you should do plus size collection'. So you never know."