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Michael Kors wants women in suits

Michael Kors wants women in suits

Michael Kors is celebrating the return of tailoring.

The American designer is known for his feminine looks, and is the go-to designer for the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum and Jennifer Hudson for red carpet dresses.

He also likes to design more masculine looks and thinks women need to embrace that side of fashion too.

"Update your wardrobe with a suit," he advised InStyle Australia. “The word suit for women is like, ‘A suit? I don’t own a suit. I wear a dress or I wear sportswear.’ I think the whole idea of a feminine suit, something that is shaped, curvy... there’s something about the return to tailoring.

"We haven’t shown tailored suits with a skirt for many seasons. The last time we showed it was Mrs [Michelle] Obama’s suit [for the State of the Union in January]. I think it’s something fresh for women to have in the closet and a nice alternative to being in a dress.”

Other tips the famed designer dished were that a woman can never have too many coats, and it's a good idea to invest in standout accessories - which comes as no surprise as his are just a popular as his clothes.

His fourth style hint was a fresh take on evening outfits.

"Experiment with a pyjama suit or a gorgeous sweater and skirt. A new kind of eveningwear!" he smiled. "No ball gowns, no skin-tight, cut-out dresses. Something more relaxed, something simpler but at the same time glamorous... It’s still showing off the body but in a much more modern way.”

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