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Michael Kors taking hybrid approach to fast fashion

Michael Kors taking hybrid approach to fast fashion

Michael Kors is taking a hybrid approach to the fashion immediacy trend.

The American designer’s spring 2017 collection is showing at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday (14Sep16).

Following the presentation, around a dozen items, including shoes and bags, will be available for immediate purchase at two of his New York flagships as well as online.

But while Kors has experimented with fast drops previously, by making eight items from his Autumn 2016 line instantly available to customers, he’s not yet decided to switch over to a different consumer calendar altogether.

"We're finding that a hybrid blend is really what works for us," he told Business of Fashion. "Most of my customers don't care what the name of the season is, they don't care if it's fall or it's pre-fall or it's holiday; they mix everything."

Many top brands are switching to a see now, buy now collections this season, including Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger and British fashion house Burberry, who presents in London on 19 September (16). But while Kors is open to the idea of fashion immediacy, he’s also found that the shopper seeking instant gratification may be more varied in demographic than perhaps initially anticipated.

"Last season, everyone asked, 'What kind of women show up that fast?' We had such a mixed bag of women walk into the store the day of the show on Madison Avenue," he said. "We had one girl stay home from high school. She watched the show in the morning and then she and her mom went to the store together. It's interesting that it's not a certain age group. It's a mix of people who are fashion fans."

Along with Kors’ presentation, Anna Sui, Marchesa and Ralph Lauren also show at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday.

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