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Michael Kors: 'My grandfather gave me the gift of style'

Michael Kors: 'My grandfather gave me the gift of style'

Michael Kors' desire for perfection came from his "bald as an egg" grandfather.

The American designer is admired for his clothing and accessories, as well as his down-to-earth nature. Considered one of the most meticulous figures in the industry, Michael learnt many of his skills from his fashion retailer elder.

"My grandfather’s idea of a fun Saturday afternoon was going to the tailor for a fitting," Michael recalled to Britain's The Telegraph about growing up in Long Island. "He used to check my manicure when I was a child. He was as bald as an egg but he went to the barber twice a week. Everything had to be perfect."

"(At my grandfather's gentleman's club) you had a bunch of men sitting around talking, so I was privy to all these proclamations. I was seven or eight. My grandfather said, 'Never buy a sport coat that doesn’t unbutton at the wrist. If the buttons don’t work, then it’s false.' I watched and I listened – and I still do."

Michael began diving into fashion from a young age, helping design his mother's wedding dress when he was just five years old and selling items like leather and candles from a makeshift store when 12.

Despite having been in the business for so long, the 56-year-old is happy to embrace the changes which are taking place.

"The calendar is crushing," he noted. "Fashion changed. The internet happened. This is a speedier world. These aren’t the days of Yves Saint Laurent collapsing in Marrakech for a month."

He still holds onto his grandfather's pearls of wisdom though and his late relative will always inspire him when it comes to making clothes.

"He didn’t believe in a suit, ever, because it was too limiting – he would want to take the jacket and dress it down," Michael recalled. "He believed in tailoring. To a certain degree I agree with him, 45 years later. He was on to something. With a suit jacket, I like all the structure ripped out of it, but it’s still tailored."

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