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Michael Kors: 'My girls dare to wear heavy scents'

Michael Kors: 'My girls dare to wear heavy scents'

Michael Kors' women aren't afraid to wear a lot of perfume.

The American fashion star isn't just known for his stylish clothing range, he also has successful beauty lines to his name. Fragrances are a big part of his empire and he knows exactly how his ideal customers would wear his scents, insisting his girls regularly top up.

“My girl is not shy in her usage of fragrance," he told "She’s not one of these ‘let me dab and run’ (kind of woman). She’s going to play with it (depending on) where she is going. She’s smart enough to know that it’s kind of like an accessory. Do you ramp it up or do you (wind) it down?

"If you’re going to the gym, maybe you just do the back of your knees, but if you’re going on a date or going to a club, maybe you’re going to hit all of your pulse points. I think she’s certainly happy to have a reaction or a comment. She’s not shy.”

His fragrances change his ladies' moods and that he created them to be a staple in customers' handbags. While he's an advocate of adding more perfume, Michael doesn't recommend touching up eye make-up throughout the day.

“I think there’s actually something about letting your eye make-up smudge," he smiled. "I love the idea of leftover eyeliner and leftover mascara. So, you know what? (Apply) in the beginning of the day and let it go.”

Despite his love of beauty, Michael shunned cosmetics during his Autumn/Winter 16 presentation during New York Fashion Week on Wednesday (17Feb16). Kendall Jenner was one of many models who strutted down the runway barefaced wearing stylish ensembles from the designer's new range.

He also turned his back on creating for the season, telling reporters he hopes fans will wear the line all year round.

“Certainly my customers, because they travel and they’re busy, they wear sandals in the winter, they wear boots in the summer,” he told USA Today. “So they don’t even actually think of things in a seasonal way anymore. They just layer accordingly and they’re ready to go.”

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