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Michael Kors: 'I want my designs to be worn'

Michael Kors: 'I want my designs to be worn'

Michael Kors' show success means nothing unless he actually sees someone wearing his designs.

The US clothes-maker dresses both men and women, with his runway shows one of the most hotly anticipated during Fashion Week season.

Despite rarely putting a fashion foot wrong when it comes to his catwalks, Michael says praise is water off a duck's back if no one is wearing his clothes.

"No matter how beautiful a show is, for me, none of it comes to life unless I see a guy on the street wearing it," he told Britain's GQ magazine. "And if that makes me too much of a realist, well, I'm a pragmatist. I want these clothes and these accessories to be things people go out for, I want them to wear them all the time."

Michael sees himself as a man of the people, and relishes talking fashion to those interested in it. Rather than cultivate an aloof air about himself, the 56-year-old prefers to get involved with what's around him. This includes chatting online to style fans.

"I like talking to people; I'm not one of these designers that lock themselves in a white box," he smiled. "I like being out there, and that's why I like social media. It's that repartee, the back and forth. I like seeing people's reactions.

"When you're looking at Instagram, you might not even be following a fashion person, it could be an actor or even a real person, and suddenly you see a post and think, 'So that's how you wear sandals.' I don't think reality is a dirty word - why should it be a dirty word? I think men want answers."

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