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Michael Kors' curious customers

Michael Kors' curious customers

Michael Kors dresses "curious" women.

The American fashion designer is renowned for his elegant, feminine creations and has everyone from Kate Hudson to U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama wearing his pieces. He keeps his catwalks just as versatile as his customers, but each lady has something in common when it comes to their approach to style.

“I think that the women that I enjoy dressing now are curious," he told "They’re busy, opinionated and all-round jugglers; they have so many things going on in their lives yet they want to look great, but they also never want fashion to take over their lives.

"So, as much as they enjoy fashion, and they’re curious about experimenting, they’re still practical enough to know that the clothes need to function - they need the clothes to work.”

Having been in the industry for over three decades now, Michael has witnessed a lot of changes in the business. The presence of social media is one of them, and the style icon has embraced the internet with open arms, using it as a platform, as well as drawing inspiration from it.

“I think people are more stylish than ever before,” he added. “We take our cues from so many different things, whether we see photographs of an actress, or a model, or a blogger or someone we don’t even know and we go: ‘Oh, that’s how you wear cropped blouses’ or ‘Oh, sneakers with a dress, that’s how you wear it’."

He praises celebrities and bloggers and other "influencers" on mobile phones for giving fashion fans star style secrets.

Michael used to stage trunk shows, which involved meeting clients face-to-face and having conversations with them, but he has now switched to a global version online for all to enjoy.

He's still an advocate of individuality when it comes to dressing though, explaining: “At the same time, I believe, personally and in a global sense, you don’t need to know every detail; a little mystery is great. So it’s all about learning how to balance things."

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