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Michael Kors aims to provide everyday glamour

Michael Kors aims to provide everyday glamour

Michael Kors wants his customers to feel "glamorous" in everyday life.

The American designer creates stunning pieces to flatter females, while his menswear offerings are bound to make any man feel sleek and handsome. His designs aren't over-the-top though, as Michael wants his creations to be worn for all sorts of occasions - even mundane tasks like food shopping.

"If we can help people find something that can help them with their busy life, but at the same time be glamorous, that's exactly what we want," he told "Ugh. I'm in the house. Oh. I have no milk. Or I need a lemon. So I run to the corner store just to buy milk or a lemon. And I'm sitting in the house in sweat pants. And I don't feel like getting dressed. But in New York, I know that the minute you get out, you're gonna see someone. So I throw on my fab jacket. I know I'm glamorous getting my lemon now."

Michael's dedication to his fans - including A-listers like Blake Lively - doesn't stop there; the fashion expert also makes an effort to provide somewhat affordable pieces, like his famous bags. While they may not be cheap, priced between $400 (£303) and $600 (£454), they certainly cost less than other designer labels' offerings.

He also utilises e-commerce and caters to his customers' desire to get their hands on new items after viewing them on his website.

"We see something, we want it. I want it now, I don't wanna plan ahead," he explained. "But then I still believe that as human beings, we love anticipation. We like waiting. We like both. So what? You have to wait and you have to dream and you have to think about it."

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