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Mica Arganaraz determined not to overuse social media

Mica Arganaraz determined not to overuse social media

Mica Arganaraz moderates her social media use in order to avoid overexposure.

The Argentinian model made her runway debut at Christopher Kane's spring/summer show in 2013 and has since gone on to walk for the likes of Fendi, Chanel and Miu Miu.

While Arganaraz enjoys the freedom modelling allows, she still grapples with the extent to which she should share her life with fans on various online platforms.

"I just use Instagram... I think everyone has the right to express themselves and it's a great platform for some," she told British Vogue magazine. "It scares me when I find myself needing attention online, I see it happening sometimes and it's strange. But it's also a part of my job, so I try to balance it by sharing things that I like, but not sharing too much; I try to keep the special things to myself."

The 25-year-old is known for her curly brown hair and signature tomboy-style ensembles. She is also popular within the industry, and Arganaraz shares that she has made lots of friends within the notoriously competitive fashion world over the years.

"Personally, I'm not competitive, and I get along with a lot of my colleagues. I do get happy when my friends and people I like are doing well, and I feel it happens the same the other way around. It can be a lonely lifestyle otherwise when you travel so much," the model shared.

Arganaraz stars in the August issue of British Vogue magazine, which is about to hit shelves. In spite of her international success, the Buenos Aires-born star has plans for a simple life should her modelling career come to a halt.

"I'd have a little cafeteria where I play my records and serve really good coffee," she offered.

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