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Meryl Streep swims a mile every day

Meryl Streep swims a mile every day

Meryl Streep tries to "swim a mile every day" to stay healthy.

The 67-year-old actress wants to keep in the best shape she can at her age and finds doing laps of the pool is the best exercise for her to keep active.

Speaking to the new issue of HELLO! magazine, she revealed: "I do try to stay healthy. Sometimes I let myself fall apart, but generally I try to swim a mile every day, because I like the feeling and it gets me into my body. I'm quite conscious of keeping my health, because it doesn't last forever and we're all of us lucky as long as we do have it. I try to remember that."

Just as Meryl - who is married to sculptor Don Gummer - tries to keep fit, she also makes sure she looks after skin but although she readily admits to using products to fight the advancing years she claims her fresh complexion is mainly down to the good genetics she inherited from her mother Mary.

She explained: "I have the same skin as my mother - she had beautiful skin. When she got older it got wrinkled, but who cares?"

Although she is committed to healthy living, Meryl does allow herself to indulge in her delicious food and she was delighted to discover she was staying near a fantastic fish and chip shop when she filmed 'Florence Foster Jenkins' in London, but she made sure she only had a deep fried supper once a week.

She said: "I like to cook, although I hardly had to when I was filming in England recently because I lived near a great supermarket that had wonderful food. And we were also around the corner from a great fish and chip shop so we'd do that once a week - but only once a week, because you'd just die if you did it every night!"