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Melissa McCarthy wanted to be a fashion designer in sixth grade

FashionBy Sunday World
Melissa McCarthy wanted to be a fashion designer in sixth grade

Melissa McCarthy wanted to be a fashion designer in "sixth grade".

The 45-year-old comedic actress - who launched her specialist clothing line Melissa McCarthy Seven7 last year - has admitted designing clothes has always been her "one focus" and ever since the young age of 11 years old she has aspired to be involved in the fashion industry.

She told the Metro newspaper: "My Grandmother was a seamstress and from sixth grade that's all I wanted to do. It was my one focus and I moved to New York City to study textiles."

And the 'Bridesmaids' actress has revealed she used to create her own clothes when she was younger, and still makes her own garments today.

She explained: "I made a lot of my own clothes - I still do it today."

However, Melissa - who is married to American film-maker Ben Falcone - has revealed she "loves" seeing people experiment with their style and desperately wants celebrities to take fashion inspiration from the Icelandic singer songwriter Björk, who wore a swan dress to the 73rd Academy Awards ceremony, which was held in Los Angeles in 2001.

Melissa explained: "I love seeing someone's personal style instead of everybody looking the same.

"When I look at the red carpet I think 'I miss Björk - I mean, have a little fun, wear a swan."

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty has admitted she is a hoarder when it comes to fashion, and has kept hold of an "embarrassing amount" of sketchbooks.

Speaking previously she said: "I kept scrapbooks of designers - I have a very embarrassing amount of sketchbooks with fashion drawings in [them]! When I went to college, I did clothing and textiles."