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Megan Puleri's Victoria's Secret casting surprise

Megan Puleri's Victoria's Secret casting surprise

New Victoria's Secret model Megan Puleri didn't think she'd land the Victoria's Secret runway on her first try.

The American model strutted her stuff for the 2015 show, which airs on Tuesday (08Dec15). Her name may not yet be synonymous with fashion, but after fans see her in the sexy silver spacesuit for the lingerie giant, she's sure to be a big star. Her quick rise to the top has been a shock though, with Megan the most surprised.

"My agent and I talked about it multiple times, (assuming) that I wasn’t going to get it,” she told the New York Post of landing the Victoria's Secret show. “(My agent) said it was the experience I was going for.”

The appointment has been a career high for Megan, especially considering her fellow VS runway model Gigi Hadid was turned down twice before making this year's cut.

The Victoria's Secret job came about after Megan's mother Susie had a chance meeting with Ed Razek, the chief marketing officer for VS parent company Limited Brands, at a shopping mall. The two had met before at a tennis tournament years before, so Susie took the chance to get Megan's foot in the door.

“She said, ‘My daughter wants to be a model'," Megan recalled. “(My parents’ attitude was), 'Should we put the wind in her sails — and if we don’t, will she resent us?’

“(Ed said he wanted to meet me)."

Megan was only 15 at the time, so had to wait a few years as Victoria's Secret don't employ catwalk stars until they turn 18.

Ed also warned Megan's parents about the harsh nature of fashion, telling them that if he had a daughter he wouldn't let her model. However, Susie and Megan's persistence paid off.

"After the show, he said, ‘You would have gotten here regardless. And you did so well.’ He hugged me, and I started crying.”

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