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Massimo Giorgetti gearing up for Emilio Pucci show

Massimo Giorgetti gearing up for Emilio Pucci show

Massimo Giorgetti has chosen a show space where his designs can sparkle for Emilio Pucci’s Milan Fashion Week show.

Massimo took the helm of the fashion house earlier this year (15), taking over from Peter Dundas.

Tomorrow (24Sep15) will be the first time he appears at Milan Fashion Week with the label, and the designer explains his hotly anticipated runway.

“The location is a former factory, very raw, a bit destroyed. I wanted a neutral space, where gray dominates. Since I started thinking about the brand, my idea has always been to present the collection like an explosion of colours and prints among the ruins. I wanted a kind of flat space, a little bit sad, where lights and patterns could sparkle,” he smiled to WWD.

Massimo made his name in fashion with his own label MSGM, which was launched in 2009. With his Emilio Pucci appointment, the designer has garnered even more attention.

Talking about what fashionista’s can expect from tomorrow’s catwalk, Massimo revealed he’s staying true to the brand

“Episode 1 is a homage to the sea world, which constantly returns in Emilio Pucci’s collections. Since I was very young, for me, Pucci meant sea, beach life, Capri, Saint-Tropez,” he explained.

“The challenge was to make this inspiration modern, so I didn’t work on the brand’s classic graphic patterns, but I focused on the more playful prints of the brands, which date back to the '50s and Seventies when Emilio Pucci used to design more characters than abstract motifs.”

He also reflected on his vision for Emilio Pucci, which he wasn’t to be both fun and sophisticated.

“It might not be immediately easy to understand because, studying the heritage of the brand, I realised that Emilio Pucci was a bit crazy. His approach was super free, he developed an out-of-the-box kind of creativity, he had no limits, but at the same time, he was always extremely sophisticated,” he said.

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