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Mary Katrantzou needs print breaks

Mary Katrantzou needs print breaks

Mary Katrantzou sometimes feels she needs a "mental break" from print.

The designer is known for her quirky aesthetic, incorporating bold patterns into her pieces. Things went glitzy for Spring/Summer 16, with Mary showing a range that included sparkly embellished dresses, brightly coloured tights and sheer fabrics. It was still all about ditzy florals and abstract prints, but with a new twist.

"You work with print for four years, you don't feel you have anything else to say that's new within that language," she admitted to Britain's Harper's Bazaar magazine, who awarded her with its Breakthrough Designer Award at the Women of the Year Awards on Tuesday (03Nov15). "You push it as much as you possibly can, and then you almost need a mental break from it to see what could be new again."

But it seems Mary's designs have landed her in trouble, as in October (15) reported she is being sued for copyright infringement. Myoung Ho Lee, a Korean photographer, claims the fashion star used his tree design on her T for Tree T-shirt without his authorisation.

It's thought they will settle out of court, but there has been no update on the case yet. It comes after Mary spoke openly about originality in the fashion industry, claiming people will always draw on inspiration from elsewhere. "I've gone through stages," she previously told Britain's The Telegraph newspaper. "First, flattery - a high street store is copying you! Then a sense of injustice - someone has taken your idea and made it in a form that is not as good quality. But you can't take it personally; everyone is being copied, and I don't have the budget to sue."

However, she did acknowledge how annoying it is when she dreams up a design and online retailers start selling copies for much less. "When you put 'lampshade skirt' in Google, you get ASOS! It's so unfair!" she sighed.

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