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Mary Katrantzou: I confused my dad

Mary Katrantzou: I confused my dad

Mary Katrantzou's father never understood her desire to be artistic.

The Greek fashionista grew up with an interior designer for a mother and a textile engineer dad, so it could be assumed her career was a natural choice. However, Mary had to twist her dad's arm when it came to choosing where to study.

"[As a teenager] I became detached from academia and dreamed of leaving Athens to go to Central Saint Martins to study art. My dad wasn't into that idea at all. My mother understood how I felt - she had studied at Central Saint Martins herself - but there was no convincing my father," she recalled to British Vogue. "He took me on a trip to America and we visited Ivy League universities in the hope that I would love at least one of them, but something else happened. We went to visit my cousin who was studying at Rhode Island School of Design and I loved it. My father didn't understand why."

It was being surrounding by creative people that got Mary's juices flowing but after two years studying in Rhode Island, she realised Saint Martins in London, UK, was her true calling.

After graduating in 2005 she turned her focus from art to fashion, building up experience to sign onto the Master Fashion Textiles course at the facility.

Her curious nature began at a young age, despite being raised in a rather stern household.

"Being the daughter and only child of older parents means you grow up quickly. My parents were strict so I was a conscientious child," she said, adding that she followed rules they set. "I was very disciplined and I felt I had to bring home good grades, which I did, but I always had an inquisitive nature. I always wanted to know how things were made and I used to love dismantling something just to put it back together again."

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