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Mary Katrantzou has bags of freedom

Mary Katrantzou has bags of freedom

Mary Katrantzou was able to be more "experimental" when designing a new range of accessories.

The Greek designer has teamed up with on a handbag line, made up of 26 limited-edition designs - one for each letter of the alphabet.

Her ready-to-wear and swimwear offerings are known for their bold, graphic looks, boasting plenty of colour and mind-blowing patterns. It may seem like Mary has endless freedom while creating her garments, but she admits things were a lot more relaxed for the bags.

"We looked to typography and folklore tales for inspiration to create a series of graphic, fun prints around each individual letter of the alphabet," she explained to, adding that qualities from her resort 15 collection were injected into proceedings.

"You can be a little more experimental with the prints in accessories as they don't need to be engineered to a silhouette. However, where the resort was concerned, we actually translated the alphabet prints into a series of sweaters and tees for our website, as well as the totes for"

For the first time this year, Mary introduced a pre-fall line. It added a whole new level of workload and the fashionista found herself "extremely busy", as on top of her own collections, she's managed to fit in two new Adidas Originals collaborations.

To get away from the stress of the industry, Mary heads back to Greece.

"I go back home to Athens or to our little house in Spetses, a little island in Greece. It's blissfully calm and there are no cars so it's the perfect place to take a few days out and catch up with friends and family," she smiled.

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