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Mary Katrantzou 'always' tries to make time for new female designers

Mary Katrantzou 'always' tries to make time for new female designers

Mary Katrantzou "always" tried to make time for new female designers.

The 33-year-old fashion designer - who was awarded The British Fashion Award for Emerging Talent in 2011 - has admitted the support she received from other women when she was emerging on the fashion scene has inspired her to take the time to help budding designers.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, the Central Saint Martin's alumni said: "While I was studying at St Martin's, I won British Fashion Council sponsorship, which meant I got so much advice and support, particularly from other amazing women. Relationships are so important.

"Now, I always try to take the time to look at new female designers' portfolios and help them if I can."

And the award winning mogul has revealed the reason behind her wanting to advise aspiring designers because you become more successful by making mistakes and learning from them.

She explained: "Even if a decision is a mistake, you can live with it, if it was yours. Having the courage of your own convictions is vital. Most pitfalls won't change the course of your career, they'll just make you sharper.

"Failure can sometimes be very useful."

Meanwhile, the creative mastermind - who debuted her first ready to wear fashion range from her eponymous line at London fashion week in 2009 - has revealed her entrepreneurial parents influenced her desire to start her own company.

Mary - who originally specialised in interior print design before switching her focus to fashion after she graduated - explained: "Both my parents were entrepreneurs, so I inherited that sense of wanting to build my own business."

However, the brunette beauty believes it is harder for women to make their breakthrough in the fashion industry and achieve a balance between work and their personal life.

She explained: "The work-life balance is particularly difficult for women, because by nature we're ambitious and want to excel in our careers, but many women want to have children too."