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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen believe designing is 'more mathematical'

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen believe designing is 'more mathematical'

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen believe designing has become "more mathematical".

The 30-year-old twin sisters - who founded their own fashion brands Elizabeth and James The Row, Olsenboye and StyleMint - have admitted it is "a lot more work" running a number of businesses but have found the creative processes has more calculating elements involved than they anticipated.

Speaking to InStyle about their company, Mary-Kate said: "It's important to control the image of your brand, something we have known since we were very young.

"It's a lot more work but we're up for it.

"Design has become really mathematical in a way, and for us, there's a freedom that comes from knowing exactly where we want to go from the start."

Meanwhile, the siblings have revealed they both have conflicting views when it comes to meeting fellow creative masterminds; Ashley has admitted she would love to meet fashion designers such as Mariano Fortuny, whilst Mary-Kate would rather admire their work from afar.

Mary-Kate explained: "Sometimes you don't want to meet them. For me, it's interesting to see how different designers have affected other houses throughout the years. When you look at the work of John Galliano or Karl Lagerfeld, it changes your perspective of a house."

However, the 'So Little Time' actresses have admitted they are "fortunate" they have one another to inspire their work and collaborate with, which they shouldn't take for granted.

Mary-Kate said: "We are so fortunate to have each other. We hired every person on our team. We have full control, and we're lucky to be under one roof. That you cannot take for granted."

And Ashley has credited her sister as a "grounded" but "brutally honest" person, as well as her relative and "best friend".

She said: "You are the most grounded, brutally honest and compassionate person ... and my best friend."