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Martha Hunt wanted to quit fashion after 'painful' show cancellations

Martha Hunt wanted to quit fashion after 'painful' show cancellations

Martha Hunt considered quitting modelling after being dropped from runway shows at the last minute.

The 27-year-old star has been a Victoria's Secret Angel since 2015 and has also posed for the likes of Jason Wu and Prada over the years. Dealing with the high-pressure industry isn't always easy for the blonde beauty though and she admits she sometimes feels tempted to give up.

"I've gotten cancelled for shows at the last minute, which is really painful, especially when I'd been up for so many tired hours for the fitting leading up to it. And that can happen to you with high-fashion, luxury brands, or indie designers," she sighed to Refinery29. "There've been so many moments where I just wanted to give up, literally quit, and throw my suitcase in the middle of the street and tell my agent, 'Get me the first cab out of here. I'm done.'"

But before she can throw it all away Martha is often surprised with shows that "come out of nowhere", lifting her spirits and putting her back on track.

Every job is quite the gamble, with the model explaining there are occasions in which she doesn't know whether she'll walk during a show or not until the very last second. She also insists Fashion Week isn't as glamorous as it appears from the outside.

"You really don't get to sleep. And something like that can mess up your entire schedule," said Martha.

"I've been to fittings for shows where I've walked in and they've had cots laid out for us to sleep on while we wait for our turns. I don't think people realise how hard it is on young girls, especially at the beginning of your career."

However, she insists once a person is more established in the business, there's more "leverage" to negotiate working hours.

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