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Marques’Almeida can finally relax

Marques’Almeida can finally relax

Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida no longer feel "overworked" since winning the LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize in May (15).

The designers head up Marques’Almeida, a label best known for its love of denim and winner of the prestigious fashion award. Since scooping the prize, which encompasses a year of coaching and 300,000 Euros, their lives have changed significantly.

"Yeah, we can feel it quite a lot already," Marta admitted to WWD. "The thing that we were most dying to do was build a team. It was only four or five of us before we applied, and there are now 10 or 11, so that was a very obvious change, and a very needed one, because everyone was really overworked."

Paulo adds that he used to take charge of everything including bookkeeping and accounting and often found he just didn't have enough time to make it work. While they might mostly have changed "boring, structural things", they are issues that really needed to be tackled.

Now the pair can focus on designing, already expanding their line way beyond denim. Of course they will always remain loyal to the material and discussed why it plays such a big part for them.

"What we really like the most is that it’s such a democratic fabric and it kind of brings in such a realistic perspective," Paulo mused. "We ended up not doing proper jeanswear, but very different skirts, jackets or dresses that you’re not really used to seeing in jeanswear brands."

Now the fashion stars can branch out into other fabrics, but they find continuing to incorporate denim reminds them of their beginnings.

"Now we’re working with really expensive silks and furs and leathers," Marta added. "We continue to put in the denim, less or more depending on the season. It gives it that attitude that we’ve been obsessed with since we started and it grounds everything. So I think that’s what we like about it."

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