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Marissa Webb: I don't have time to design!

Marissa Webb: I don't have time to design!

Marissa Webb doesn't have the luxury of sitting around and designing.

The fashion star showcased the latest range for her eponymous label as part of New York Fashion Week yesterday, with pretty lace dresses and feminine two-pieces hitting the runway.

Coming up tomorrow is her spring 16 presentation for Banana Republic, which she has helmed since last year.

Working on both labels is a mammoth task for Marissa.

"For my own label I actually do the physical designing, so that starts about three to four months out. For Banana Republic, I have a design team - I give them the concepts but they're designing and I review their sketches. It's a very different process, which I love personally, to have two different worlds. I would say the conceptualising starts at the same time," she explained to

"As a designer that has her own brand and is the creative director of another brand, you don't really sit around and design a lot, unfortunately. You don't have that luxury, so it's running around doing 1,001 things all at once; it's multitasking and we're constantly on the move."

Marissa gives equal time to both labels, which keeps her constantly busy.

Things get even tenser in the lead up to Fashion Week, but luckily the brunette beauty doesn't freak out as much as some designers might. Rather than worry about how her collections will be received, she focuses on the task at hand and aims to stay true to her DNA.

"I honestly think you have to go with your gut and can't be reactionary; changing something because you think someone else might not like it. This is not the way I operate. It's more about, how do I feel about it, do I feel like this looks OK. I ask my team, and it's their input as well," she added.

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