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Mariah Carey bathes in swimsuit

Mariah Carey bathes in swimsuit

Mariah Carey wears a swimsuit when she takes a bath.

The 45-year-old singer has admitted she quite often slips into a swimming costume when she hops in the tub for a bubble bath because she knows her four-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe will bang on the bathroom door.

She explained: "I love them so much, but when I'm home, they just want to be with me. I'll often take a bath in a bathing suit knowing that I'm going to have to let them in.

"It's that one thing that used to be my private time, and now it's not, but that's OK. When I was pregnant, all I did was sit in the tub, I was so uncomfortable. Having twins is not easy."

And the blonde beauty has already started stashing some of her old clothes away in her wardrobe for when her daughter whom she has with her estranged husband Nick Cannon, is a little bit older and tries to raid through her belongings.

Speaking to while promoting her new lipstick collaboration 'All I Want' with MAC Cosmetics, she said: "My daughter loves my shoes. And she loves my, I have a lot of Agent Provocateur slippers with the pouffy thing on the front so she goes into my lingerie closet and she pulls them out and walks in them all the time.

"She walks perfectly in them even though they're huge on her. So, I guess I'll save a few of those for her."