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Maria Grazia Chiuri designs for Guggenheim Museum ballet

Maria Grazia Chiuri designs for Guggenheim Museum ballet

Maria Grazia Chiuri has designed costumes for a new ballet at New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

The Dior designer’s creations will feature in dance production Falls the Shadow, created by American Ballet Theatre principal Daniil Simkin and commissioned by Works & Process.

To come up with the perfect pieces, Chiuri sat in on a rehearsal to watch the dancers move as well as being sent clips of the choreography, which will be captured in real-time by motion sensors to create 3D projections around the venue.

What makes the show stand out is that the audience will be watching from ramps with an aerial view of the production.

“I imagined the costumes beginning with the body’s expressive role in dance: They’re skintight and above all support the subtle gestures, flexible poses and sinuous movements,” the fashionista told WWD of the end results, consisting of slinky silver pieces featuring the classic Christian Dior J’ADior logo. “I was also thinking of shadows and how they’re an integral component in architecture, especially at the Guggenheim: A flat, reflective, seemingly passive surface can actually have its own contrasting identity.”

The blonde designer hopes her designs will define the dancers’ bodies and makes them both stand out and blend in with projections around the rotunda.

Simkin approves of Chirui’s approach, especially as he knows the pieces will benefit both the moves and the set up.

“What’s special about the piece is that it’s going to be viewed from above,” he added. “Therefore, there’s a lot of floor work and we are getting slid around a lot, so, for example, we couldn’t have anything hanging from the costumes or anything super mobile.”

There will be four performances all together; two on 4 September (17) and two on 5 September.

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