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Margherita Missoni: You can't force fashion

Margherita Missoni: You can't force fashion

Margherita Missoni's key to success is not falling into situations that feel "forced".

The Italian designer is part of the prestigious family which founded the Missoni label in 1953 and she's been surrounded by style all her life.

On top of creating beautiful clothing Margherita is also a mother to 18-month-old son Otto with her husband Eugenio Amos. The fashionista has managed to find balance amid her busy life and puts it down to staying true to herself.

"Just being myself by doing what I like without falling into situations that feel forced and don’t belong to me. Of course I know that I am lucky and I embrace that, but I am also very thankful," she told on her secrets to success.

"Every little detail of my life is, and has always been, surrounded by fashion – from the cup I drink my coffee from in the morning to my constant travels – fashion always pops up somewhere and somehow."

Being a parent has moved her artistically and she's come up with a Missoni collection for kids. This range was not only inspired by her family roots but her life experiences too, and she hopes the pieces will give little ones the freedom that she was fortunate enough to experience while growing up.

Otto is of course a big influence behind the range.

"I think creative people are inspired by everything that surrounds them and yes, of course Otto is a source of inspiration," Margherita added. "He has been the best learning experience I could ever have wished for. I must say that I knew so little about 'what children need' before his birth. Thanks to him, I have been able to focus more and more on children’s wear."

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