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Marco De Vincenzo keeps his designs unique

Marco De Vincenzo keeps his designs unique

Marco De Vincenzo insists the key to success in the fashion industry is uniqueness.

The Italian designer made a name for himself in Fendi’s leather goods department, before he decided to create clothing under his own name in 2009. He still helms his sector at Fendi alongside working on his brand, and is especially enjoying the freedom he has working on garments and being his own boss.

“I never use fabrics as they are,” he told Britain’s InStyle magazine. “I design all the patterns and embroideries myself. I try not to compromise in what I do. Personality is the only way to go in the future. There are too many clothes, too many bags and too much stuff. Everyone can do nice clothes today – what’s important is to be unique.”

Marco comes from Sicily and moved to Rome to study fashion at Istituto Europeo di Design, with Fendi snapping him up as soon as he graduated. He admits his style curiosity stemmed from the fact that fashion began as so out of reach to him and he couldn’t believe his luck when the luxury Italian label, currently helmed by Karl Lagerfeld, hired him.

“At the time, you wouldn’t really think about personal projects,” Marco recalled. “I was so happy to work with Fendi because it’s such a great house. I learnt everything from Silvia (Venturini Fendi, creative director of accessories) in terms of colours, courage and ideas.”

Marco worked for eight years in the accessories department before felling a greater calling in his career, but Fendi wasn’t going to let him go that easily.

“My freedom was very high. But I was missing something and I knew it was ready-to-wear,” he added. “I talked to Silvia and she said, ‘You can’t be frustrated in this job. Stay with us if you can and we will work something out.’”

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