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Marc Jacobs launches Divine Decadence perfume

Marc Jacobs launches Divine Decadence perfume

Marc Jacobs has created a new, "naughty" scent to follow on from 2015's Decadence.

The fashion house, helmed by designer Marc, is debuting its Divine Decadence perfume on Tuesday (19Jul16), following on from last year's (15) Decadence, a perfume that came in a handbag-shaped bottle. It was the first product to combine fragrance and fashion and the new release sees light sea foam coloured glass and a python-embossed top replace the original emerald bottle and green top.

“We looked at where the opportunity was for us to build a second sustainable pillar within our house,” Lori Singer, group vice president of global marketing at Coty, the fragrance licensee for Marc Jacobs, told WWD. “Daisy (the house's other perfume line) is youthful, spirited and carefree, but how can we go after a different consumer?"

“You have to keep DNA of the brand but bring new elements," added Annie Buzantian at Firmenich, who created the scent in partnership with Marc and Ann Gottlieb. "The girl is a little naughtier. I imagined a girl always walking around with a champagne glass in her hand."

Divine Decadence, which features notes including champagne and orange blossom, will roll out in around 2,000 doors in the U.S., U.K. and Spain on 1 August (16), before moving to other locations up until next February (17). Prices range from $72 (£54) to $122 (£92).

“This is about indulgence. Every woman wants to indulge and this is her opportunity to do so,” Lori explained, noting that both Decadence and Daisy cater to “two rich territories” and attract “two distinct consumers.”

Model Adriana Lima fronted the campaign for Decadence, and will be back alongside photographer Steven Meisel for the Divine Decadence advertisements. A marketing plan to promote the product will kick off in August (16), with everything from TV ads to samples part of the programme.

“We want to continue the momentum. The opportunity we had was to recruit new consumers as well as give existing costumers something new,” Lori commented on the speedy follow-up to Decadence. “Do we see this becoming the next Daisy? Absolutely. Our goal is to have two powerhouse pillar fragrances within the Marc Jacobs brand.”

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