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Marc Jacobs is all for audacious fashion

Marc Jacobs is all for audacious fashion

Marc Jacobs wants to see more women in "gaudy" outfits.

The American designer is a celebrity favourite for showbiz events and for his New York Fashion Week presentation in September 2015 he unveiled his Spring 16 collection on a red carpet rather than a traditional show. Marc hopes the range has encouraged famous females to mix things up more in the spotlight instead of opting for a safe bet.

"I really like that none from the spring collection look like those typical red-carpet mermaid dresses," he told "They're more audacious. It was getting very boring to watch celebrities all wearing the same dress. I want to see women in pantsuits or two pieces, even something a little bit gaudy. It's so much more exciting than just another nice dress."

There are many noticeable cinema references in the line, such as a skirt covered in actress Janet Leigh's scream face from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. This film theme wasn't intentional though, as Marc reveals it was a topical event which initially served as inspiration for the clothing.

"I always say that any collection is an accumulation of thoughts and feelings, but this one took on another life when we decided to move it to the Ziegfeld," he explained of holding his Fashion Week event at the theatre in the Big Apple. "It didn't start out as an homage to cinema. The red, white, and blue theme really came from gay marriage being legalised last summer (15), when I began to have these ideas about what America represents for me."

After discussing the importance of movies in American culture, Marc noted films became "pieces of the puzzle". Soon, the subconscious elements of the collection took on more meaning and won over famous fans such as Kerry Washington and Lady Gaga.

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