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Marc Jacobs: Call me Marc

Marc Jacobs: Call me Marc

Marc Jacobs wants people to just be known by their first names.

The designer is one of the most revered people in fashion, and as he decided to make his label eponymous, his name is famous all around the globe.

However he’s so over being known as Marc Jacobs.

“I think it was after the Caitlyn Jenner thing. And I just said, like, can we just start calling people by their name? You know, not what they do for a living, not what their sexual preference is, not their age, not who they’re related to. It’s 2015. Just say, ‘Hi, I’m Caitlyn.’ ‘Hi, I’m Marc’,” he smiled to The New York Times Style Magazine.

“It’s not like, ‘I’m Marc, homosexual Jew from New York.’ You know, ‘fashion designer’.”

Whether he is known as just Marc, or by his full name, his domination in the fashion world shows no signs of slowing down.

Despite his enormous success, Marc still gets scared when it comes to his career.

“If I think about the future. I just become afraid,” he admitted.

In fact he often suffers from panic attacks and has to see his shrink when he has a recurrent nightmare.

“I’m up against something uncomfortable or difficult, and just as I feel like I’m making some progress, there’s an end to the dream that says no, you’re not getting anywhere, you have to start over. This time, the nightmare was so bad that it felt like I was awake thinking about it, rather than asleep and dreaming. Which is another recurring thing, when I can’t differentiate between creating a scenario and dreaming it,” he recalled.

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