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Marc Jacobs: Being the main man is tiring

Marc Jacobs: Being the main man is tiring

Marc Jacobs feels "tortured" by other people's expectations of him.

The American fashion designer was the creative director of Louis Vuitton for 16 years up until 2013, when he left to focus on his eponymous brand.

Since then he's made some big changes, such as shuttering his diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs and making it part of the main collection instead, but everything he does is tinged by fear.

"I am having a very existential moment! And believe me, it's tiring. There's this urge to get [the collection] down more, to figure it out more, and to deliver it with more strength and power because people perceive it as the only thing we have to do," he told America's Elle magazine. "I've always been somebody who's a little tortured by, 'What will other people think; what do other people expect?'"

When he worked at French label Louis Vuitton, Marc split his time between New York City and Paris. He doesn't have to do that anymore but that doesn't mean he's suddenly a lot less stressed; in fact, the reverse is true. He's found himself mentally exhausted since he switched his focus to his own company, in part because he's making such a big push to change things.

He's already created a new make-up line, plus there has been perfume released and there is talk of making the label public.

On top of this, the designer can't help wondering if the decisions he's making are right for the company.

"This feels like quite a new habit, to concentrate on each thing: the fragrance, the beauty, the fashion, the men's, the women's, combining the Marc by Marc with Marc. Thinking, what are we missing that we once had? What did we never have that we want? Where do we want to go? It's a lot of questions and a lot of philosophical, theoretical…" he said.

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