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Marc Jacobs' beauty dream

Marc Jacobs' beauty dream

Marc Jacobs hopes to launch a skincare line.

The designer has created many fragrances over the last decade and two years ago he branched out into make-up too. Both those avenues hold a lot of excitement for him, and he has big plans to add yet another string to his bow when the time is right.

"[Colour] runs parallel to the fragrance experience. The idea of beauty, for me, is fragrance, colour and eventually, hopefully, skin care. It’s very much like designing a collection - it’s just a different medium," he told WWD. "It’s about materials, it’s about creating a certain spirit, assembling the elements, putting them together, and opening up a dialogue."

At the moment the designer is promoting his latest fragrance, called Mod Noir. It will launch globally in July and includes notes of gardenia and creamy musk, ranging in price between $70 and $90.

Although he's had many scents released over the years, the feeling of launching a new one never gets old. In fact it was perfume, rather than runway shows, which first made Marc realise he'd become a success.

"Every time I go to an airport or open a magazine [and see one], I think, ‘Wow, I’m a real designer. I have a perfume,'" he laughed.

"I have the same basic attitude toward everything - I get very excited about doing new things and projects. When fragrances first started, I was super excited about being able to do it, and I thought, ‘Well, we’ll see how it goes. If it works, then we’ll do more, and if it doesn’t, we’ll try again to do something else.’ The best test is the customer."

Marc also touched on his decision to cast actress Jessica Lange as the face of his cosmetics line. It surprised many as the 65-year-old actress is considerably older than most people picked to front ranges, which is exactly why the designer wanted her.

He hopes people will become to realise his label is about the unexpected.

"It wasn’t about doing an age thing or anything like that. It’s just me trusting my instincts. Beauty comes in many shapes and forms and sizes and ages," he said.

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