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Marc Jacobs addresses cultural appropriation criticism

Marc Jacobs addresses cultural appropriation criticism

Marc Jacobs has spoken out over allegations of cultural appropriation within his work. 

The designer attracted controversy following his spring 2017 show last September (16) when he had models parade the runway in disco-style outfits and colourful wigs styled into dreadlocks, inspired by the hairstyle worn by director Lana Wachowski.

While Jacobs responded to the backlash he received at the time, the criticism appears to still weigh on his mind and he's admitted that he could have perhaps handled the matter more delicately.

"What I learned from that whole thing, what caused me to pause after it died down a little bit, was that maybe I just don't have the language for this," he told InStyle magazine. "Or maybe I've been insensitive because I operate so inside my little bubble of fashion."

In the accompany photoshoot for Jacobs' interview, the designer was photographed by Hype Williams and poses with hip-hop stars such as Biz Markie, Kurtis Blow, LL Cool J, and Salt-N-Pepa. All of those involved in the shoot sport garments from Jacobs' fall 17 streetwear-heavy collection, and the 54-year-old was thrilled to see real people embracing his garments.

"I feel disconnected, like I don't see anything in this day other than the Internet as being a thing. I feel out of touch with what today really looks like. But that's the thing. You walk in here and see Hype and all this, and how happy people are, and it's worth it," he shared.

The fall 17 collection featured baggy tracksuits and shearling-edged jackets, as well as minidresses and bucket hats.

And Jacobs explained that the starting point for the entire line was a gold Cartier Love bracelet he spotted while on vacation in St. Barts last December.

"Usually, there's something I'm enamoured with, but I wasn't particularly interested in clothes at that moment. The idea of gold jewellery, in a weird way, became the only thing I was convinced that I did like," he mused.

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