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Manolo Blahnik fed up of fashion shows

Manolo Blahnik fed up of fashion shows

Manolo Blahnik no longer feels the need to follow style trends and "hates" attending fashion shows.

The designer's famed footwear styles are staples in the fashion world and are worn by everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Miranda Kerr.

But with fashion moving at such a fast pace these days, Manolo admits he can't and often doesn't feel the need to keep up with the ever-changing trends.

"Essentially, according to fashion, you should change every two weeks," he explained to Footwear News. "It’s just far too much now. They are going to have to think hard and fast about this system. I think they are going to do more small collections. We need to find a new way to show things to sell."

The 73-year-old also admitted that he no longer is interested in attending fashion runway shows.

"I find it very repetitive; I’m over these boring fashion shows," he said, adding, "I get invited but hate to go. I went to John Galliano’s show last year, but I am really not interested in others."

That's not to say he doesn't feel the pressure to keep things innovative each season, with the U.K. based designer finding himself going "crazy" each year dreaming up new ideas. However, he is also aware that his customers appreciate the consistency and quality of his stylish offerings.

"All the technology and everything, you don’t even know what you are buying," he added. "People want to be reassured they are purchasing something that will be OK years from now and looks modern, but they don’t want to be a slave to trends."

Manolo strives to keep his clients happy and never steps in to tell them how to move. But he does share his thoughts when he feels something isn't working.

"Some women put on my shoes and I say, 'Take it off: You are not made to walk in that kind of shoe. You should wear another style, flatter perhaps,'” he explained. "But some girls put heels on and they really fly, it’s fantastic. They just got it."

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