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LV's Kim Jones: I don't party

LV's Kim Jones: I don't party

Louis Vuitton's Kim Jones can't understand why he's constantly called a "club kid" as he doesn't go out anymore.

Kim is the men's collections artistic director, a role he's held since 2011. His aesthetic is quite relaxed, favouring loose jeans and bomber jackets, which has led to acres of fashion press using the term about him. Although he isn't too bothered, Kim believes it's somewhat lazy.

"I haven't been to a club in maybe seven years,” he told “I think the last time was one of those after-show parties. I never go out any more. It used to be so great but now I’m always disappointed. What’s the point? I sometimes go out in Cape Town just to see what’s going on, but not so much. It’s funny, because when we were young we went out every night. It was a different way of living but you can’t do that now – I don’t have the energy.”

In part that's because he has to jet set so much. Kim's home is in London, UK, but his office is in Paris and he spends time in many other places too. It can get hectic and tiring, and means he doesn't see that much of the people who are closest to him.

"My mum died when I was young and the rest of my family I don’t see so much,” he says. “I lived with Lily [Allen] for a while, and she’s like a little sister.”

Kim is proud to work at Louis Vuitton and it's taught him a lot. As well as catering to a clientele who want high fashion, he also has to please classic gents and older men who want to look edgy without trying too hard.

He's thought carefully about how to come up with pieces for people "either 16 or 60" and has decided that the main focus should be on staying true to himself.

"The thing with fashion now is that it’s become so commercial and so fast that I think people forget that it’s still possible to do things that are quite personal and have a feeling to them," he said.

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