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Lucy Watson is 'so excited' for the launch of her beauty brand Basic Bitch this weekend

Lucy Watson is 'so excited' for the launch of her beauty brand Basic Bitch this weekend

Lucy Watson is "so excited" to launch her cruelty free beauty brand Basic Bitch this weekend.

The 25-year-old former 'Made In Chelsea' star - who is also an animal rights activist and has worked with PETA on a number of campaigns - is set to launch her debut make-up brand on Sunday (13.11.16), which will include three lipsticks, and the star has revealed she decided to create the collection because she was "really bothered" by how many companies test on animals "worldwide".

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about her latest venture, the brunette beauty said: "I'm so excited.

"So a few years ago I started working with PETA, which is an animal charity, and I found out from them that a lot of cosmetic companies test on animals worldwide and it really bothered me because it's a really cruel side to the industry.

"So, since then I've been saying to people I work with 'I really want to do a make-up line. I really want it to be cruelty free and no animal testing.' It actually started happening in January when we started working towards this cruelty free make-up line."

And the television personality has revealed she is "disappointed" with the cosmetic companies who test because she believes it is an "unnecessary method".

She explained: "I am disappointed in all of them that test because I think it's a really unnecessary method, there's all these different kind of things that can be done these days that don't need to involve animals. And I think it basically all comes down to greed, unfortunately, because a lot of companies - especially the bigger companies - that sell in China have to accept the laws in China, which is basically to test on animals.

"It is disappointing and it is a shame that people don't say no to it for moral reasons, I think they just go for it because it's a huge market."