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Louboutin: I won't judge your shoes

Louboutin: I won't judge your shoes

Christian Louboutin doesn't look at a person's shoes when he first meets them.

The French designer may be famous for his red-soled footwear, but that doesn't mean he's obsessed with seeing what shoes people are standing in.

Instead he's much more focused on their eyes, and likes to imagine what they might have on their feet.

"I never look at a person’s shoes when I meet them for the first time. I look at their eyes and face and assess their voice. It’s more exciting to imagine what shoe they would wear — I’m usually wrong," he smiled to ES Magazine.

Christian is often the go-to shoe make when it comes to celebrities, with stars such as Vitoria Beckham, Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker devoted followers.

It's not only the A-list who are interested in the 52-year-old though. And while he hasn't conquered every area of shoes just yet, he's up for trying new things.

"A woman can do anything in heels — apart from run a marathon or ski. Can I invent a pair of heels to wear on the slopes? I haven’t yet but it would be a good challenge," he said.

The fashion star also revealed he has always had expensive taste. And when it comes to his wardrobe choices, there are some things Christian just won't wear.

"I always need to be slightly groomed, even on my days off. I can’t do sweatpants; they make me look like I’m going to clean the toilets.

"I am not a man who can wear skinny jeans. The tightness is horrible and I can’t walk in them. I once turned up to work wearing a pair with a black shirt and my team were stunned into silence. I had to go back home to change before lunch," he recalled.

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