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Louboutin: I take my time

Louboutin: I take my time

Christian Louboutin doesn't make rash decisions.

He may be best known for his red-soled shoes, but Christian is branching more and more into beauty and bags.

He'll be launching his Rouge Christian Louboutin Lip Color later this year, which will reflect the bottoms of his famous heels. Thirty-seven other shades will also launch with a price tag of $90.

On top of that, he'll debut a leather-goods range.

"I take time to think. I basically keep my eyes and my ears open and when it fully makes sense, I just do it," Christian told WWD.

“For me, it’s important to start things and see how it operates, and then I feel completely ready to go to another level. With the bags, there are things in common and there are things that have nothing to do with the shoes. These two twins definitely need to have their own personalities.”

The bags are an extension of a collection he already had, created in 2005 for customers who wanted purses to complement their shoes.

He'd consider designing a hotel, and is keen to one day branch out into homewear. But if fans are hoping he'll dip his toes into the clothes arena, they'll be sorely disappointed.

"Definitely not clothing. I like small objects. In a small painting you have so much to see because there’s so much detail in such a small volume. My father was a carpenter, so I love objects that are really designed. A small object can have as much invention and as much innovation as something big. I’m not of the school that big is beautiful.

"Even home would be more interesting to me, rather than something that is worn. I would consider many things before clothing," he stated.

There are currently 105 Christian Louboutin shops around the world, both stand alone and in store. Four more will open up before the end of August, with Christian revealing how he picks the next area to open up in.

“If I haven’t seen one red sole during my trip, I do not open,” he explained.

After 23 years helming his eponymous label, Christian shows no signs of slowing down or selling it off.

“I follow my own path. I never sold my soul to anyone, only my soles," he smiled.

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