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Lizzy Caplan doesn't like to work out

Lizzy Caplan doesn't like to work out

Lizzy Caplan doesn't like to work out.

The 34-year-old actress - who plays sexologist Virginia Johnson in 'Masters of Sex' - has admitted she didn't undertake a gruelling fitness regime to get into shape for the American television series, which sees her strip down to her bare body in the period drama, because she gets "really ripped" when she exercises, which she thinks looks "strange".

Speaking to Stylist about whether he embarked on a workout plan for the show, the brunette beauty said: "Nah. Also, they didn't work out a lot back then and I'm someone where if I work out too much I get really ripped, so that would look sort of strange. The truth is nobody is interested in you looking bad so you kind of just roll up and let them work their magic."

However, the 'Now You See Me 2' star has admitted her family never encouraged her to strip down, and she believes some women should not be as critical of their appearance.

She explained: "I didn't come from a naked family either. I would think that it would make you feel really good though - a lot of people waste loads of time standing in front of the mirror, picking apart their faults, but when you're around people who frequent nudist camps, you're like 'Oh, I'm probably not so bad."

Meanwhile Lizzy has realised her "life doesn't end" after shooting a steamy sex scene.

Speaking previously about getting up close and personal on set, she said: "It's one of those things where once you do it, you see that your life doesn't end and the building doesn't burn down."

And the brunette beauty was comforted when she noticed the 47-year-old's hands were "nervous and shaky" when he had to unbutton her shirt and grope her chest.