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Lipstick lover Dita Von Teese

Lipstick lover Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese owns over 100 red lipsticks.

The 43-year-old burlesque star is known for her signature glamorous look and though she doesn't take very long to get ready, she knows a bold lip will always give her a lift.

She said: "I actually don't spend as much time [getting ready] as people think. I have a few things I can do in five minutes, which make me feel confident.

"I love L'Oreal True Match powder - there's a shade that's great for my pale skin. And then finish with a splash of red lipstick.

"I own over 100. My current go-to is a pink-based red I created for MAC called Von Teese - it's great for parties."

Dita always prefers to dye her own hair rather than visit a hairdresser because she finds it boring having to spend so long sitting around.

She said: "I love doing it myself - I have done since my early twenties.

"I have naturally blonde hair, so every two weeks I do it at home.

"I'd rather that than sit in a hairdresser's chair for two hours."