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Lindsay Ellingson's cosmetics calamities

Lindsay Ellingson's cosmetics calamities

Lindsay Ellingson wishes she'd had a make-up coach when she first started doing her face.

The 30-year-old model has learnt a lot about applying cosmetics thanks to her years working for the likes of Victoria's Secret. She enjoys finding out new tips, such as using red lipstick as blusher under foundation as happened at last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but some of them have come a little late.

"I have some scary photos of my dance team," she laughed to about her younger years. "We really put on the blush and all the fake eyelashes. We didn’t know what we were doing. We should have had a make-up coach or something back then. But that did get me started in make-up, even though it was all wrong! Now I know what not to do. I look back on photos and there was hot-pink blush."

Things have changed a lot for the model now and she even has her own make-up line. It started with a blush and illuminator but she's now expanded Wander Beauty to include a full range of brow pencils, liners and shadows.

The highlighter is one of Lindsay's favourites because it is small enough to be used all over the face easily, with the nib good for under brows. Her top tip is to apply it over the whole lip area too, as it makes them look fuller.

The star is now so adept at applying her own cosmetics she often gives her face the once over before shows - even after the professionals have done their stuff.

"Oh, I always have my own kit! I mean, for years, doing hundreds of fashion shows, I would always - I mean, sorry, make-up artists - fix my eyebrows, curl my eyelashes, conceal here and there if they missed something," she explained. "It’s not their fault, the [pros] have to do so many girls in a short amount of time. And nobody knows your face better than yourself, so I would always rush to the corner [and touch up]. After a while, I just started doing it out in the open. After a while, the make-up artists were like, 'Do your own thing, you got it. We trust you.'"

Lindsay maintains that it's not just her who does this - she estimates 60 per cent of models redo their make-up before heading down the runway.

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