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Lindsay Ellingson: How I get my hourglass shape

Lindsay Ellingson: How I get my hourglass shape

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Lindsay Ellingson would “build muscle” to hone her hourglass figure for the lingerie brand’s annual Fashion Show extravaganza.

Every year the glamorous company sends its models onto the runway in its latest designs and it’s been confirmed Rihanna will be among those performing at the 2015 show.

Of course that means the Angels have to step up their fitness regime to ensure they’re in their best shape. But rather than diet, the 30-year-old would get physical and embrace her curves.

“Before the Victoria’s Secret Show, I would always ramp it up,” she shared with The Cut.

“The two years of my life that I worked out with Mary Helen Bowers at Ballet Beautiful had me in the best shape of my life. For me, it’s about feeling curvy, healthy, and gorgeous. In lingerie you want to feel sexy and curvy, so you need to build muscle in the right area to get the right hourglass shape.”

These days Lindsay is concentrating on other ventures, including her own make-up range. It was natural for her to move into cosmetics, as it was born out of a true passion.

“Wander Beauty is inspired by all of my travel experiences,” she smiled. “I’ve been modelling for the past 10 years and developed this passion for beauty. I even started doing my own make-up for the red carpet or friends for date nights.”

Of course working out is still an important part of her life and Lindsay will always step things up before a new project. But while some might think her industry would be a push to stay healthy, it actually did the opposite for her initially.

“I think I’m much healthier now,” she mused. “I was a dancer for 10 years and was in very good shape. I was used to waking up at 5am to work out every day. Modelling was a natural transition except it was less about wellness. The year I started modelling, I went straight to Paris where I was exposed to the French patisseries — oh my god. Nothing beats an amazing almond croissant. And of course, my mom's cooking was healthier than chain restaurants. But I’ve become exposed to so many more options. There are more ways to eat healthy and organic, like with cold-pressed juice options, especially living in NYC.”

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