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Linda Rodin: Where were you 40 years ago?

Linda Rodin: Where were you 40 years ago?

Linda Rodin finds it interesting to be embraced now she's older.

The 67-year-old has been working in fashion for the past four decades, with much of that time spent as a stylist.

In 2012 she was cast in a J.Crew campaign that celebrated accomplished people in the industry and two years later Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen tapped Linda to star in a campaign for their label The Row.

"What can I say? I feel very lucky," Linda smiled to The Hollywood Reporter when asked how it felt to be a style icon. "It’s a totally different thing after being a stylist and behind the scenes for 35 years.

"I always say, 'Where were you 40 years ago when I looked really good?' I would wear hot pants and had no wrinkles. It’s interesting to be embraced for all the things you never thought you would be embraced for."

Insisting her style has never changed, Linda says the only differences are her glasses and her white hair.

Linda is also a skincare specialist and is behind cult face oil Rodin’s Olio Lusso.

"I say it’s the best your skin can be naturally. It makes you feel really good. It’s hydrating and simple. I am making two new sets of all the products with two different scents, just to have options. I was just making the oil for myself. I wasn’t going to sell it. I brought it to every photo shoot and had a huge grassroots following in the fashion industry. It’s still the same formula and I still go to the factory. It’s my nose and my thing and I would never change it," she explained.

Rodin has also expanded into hair oil, hand cream and lip balm. A lip colour and shampoo are also being planned.

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