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Linda Rodin: I don't seek approval

Linda Rodin: I don't seek approval

Linda Rodin doesn't care whether people like her products or not.

The stylist sold her company Rodin Olio Lusso to Estée Lauder last year but that doesn't mean she'll be retiring anytime soon.

Explaining that she still approves everything, from product to packaging, Linda revealed how she approaches her work.

"I never asked a soul. I didn’t give a sh*t," she said to Fashionista of her creations.

"I made an oil for myself and everybody loved it, and I was shocked. That was like the 'aha' moment. I didn’t make it for anybody else, and I care, but I’m not going to make it because people think I should make purple toenail cream or something. Someone else can make that. I would only make things that I would use, which is why I only got to 15. I can’t think of that many more things that I would use."

In honour of Mother's Day, Linda has repackaged Bis, a fragrance favourite. Called The New Classic, it's based on the way her own mother smelled, which Linda describes as "peppery and burnt sugary and tobacco and Juicy Fruit gum and all sorts of different smells".

Apparently the scent also goes down well with men, a concept she is still getting her head around.

"I don’t know. Unisex, I never understand. If you like it, you like it, and maybe it would be too feminine for men to wear a rose perfume, but at the end of the day, it’s how you want to smell. If a man likes a women’s scent [he might wear it], and women now wear men’s scents. I think that whole line has been blurred," she reasoned.

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