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Linda Evangelista's minty memories

Linda Evangelista's minty memories

Linda Evangelista puts mint behind her ear to remind her of her father.

The 50-year-old model has opened up about her favourite fragrances, explaining the ones which mean the most to her have memories attached. That's why herbs will always have a special place in her heart, as they are forever tied to her late granddad and father in her mind.

"My father and my grandfather were both avid gardeners. They came from Italy, and they worked their land. I noticed that my grandfather and, later, my father would always pick sprigs of basil and mint and then put them behind their ears. And then they would mow the lawn and do what they were doing outside to get whiffs of it," she recalled to "My father passed away last year, but now when I get my herbs or mint, I put a sprig behind my ear."

The supermodel wasn't the only one to open up about what perfume means to her. US designer Tommy Hilfiger also reminisced about the first time he realised how important fragrance could be.

"The first time I ever made out with a girl, I was 12 and I was wearing English Leather. And I thought, 'This is very cool,'" he laughed.

For Alexander Richards, amber is the scent which instantly transports her to another time. She is the daughter of Rolling Stone Keith Richards and Patti Hansen and used to go on tour with her father when she was little, with amber always burning backstage. Sometimes vanilla would be added to it depending on who had chosen the smell, but amber was the fragrance Keith and all his bandmates liked best.

Model Anja Rubik is all about the very precise scent of home.

"I grew up in South Africa, so the smell of the sea is really important to me. It's a very specific smell, and when I smell it, I immediately relax," she revealed.

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